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For Virtual Webex Meetings scheduled in Canvas, you may update the meeting features like to turn on auto-record, enable closed captioning, and allow joining before scheduled start time (recommended). You may also use these features while scheduling Webex Meetings from 

Do NOT make changes to the meeting name, date, time, or recurrence from your Webex account. These changes will not push back to Canvas. You may only make changes to the in-meeting options as noted below. 

  1. Login to Webex by going to
  2. Click on Meetings on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. Locate the Meeting you need to adjust and click on the meeting name.

  4. Once the meeting is open, click on the edit icon to load the edit interface.

  5. If it is a reoccurring meeting, choose Edit the entire series option.

  6. Towards the bottom of the edit screen, click on Show Advanced Options.

  7. Click on Scheduling Options.

  8. In this section you can set your meeting/series to Auto Record and to allow students to Join Before Host

  9. Find the Meeting Options setting and click on Edit meeting options.

  10. To Enable Closed Captioning or make other meeting adjustments, check or un-check boxes from this menu. Remember, for in-meeting synchronous closed captioning, you will need to work with CSD to have a live captionist join the class sessions. This is not the setting for the Automatic Transcripts created for recordings.

  11. Select Attendee Privileges to make adjustments to some of what your students can do during the sessions.
  12. Click on Save.

  13. That's it!  Your meeting has now been updated.