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Getting Started

Logging in to Canvas

  1. Open a modern web browser ( generally Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and navigate to  
  2. Enter your UW-Whitewater Net-ID and Password.
    • What is my Net-ID?
    • If you have not set up your password with this account or forgot the password please reach out to the HelpDesk at 262-472-4357.

Training Availability

Instructor Resources

Student Resources

Building your Master Course

Master Courses

All Instructors have the ability to create "Master" courses inside of Canvas.  It is highly recommended that courses be constructed in Master Courses.  These courses can be used to test and build out content for your courses.  It's important to note that the master courses are only development and testing courses - students cannot be added directly to them.  The content of the master courses can be copied into your actual semester based courses which will contain the students.  As long as you are already enrolled in at least one course as "Teacher", additional Master Courses can be created by clicking on the Help button in the lower left corner. The top option will be "Create a Master Course".  Directions and campus specific FAQs are available here:

Creating a course from scratch

It is highly recommended that courses be constructed in Master Courses.  It is also recommended that you sign up for the self-paced training course available at so you have full access to the tips provided below. 

Using the Canvas Starter Course

The Canvas Starter Course is a resource available to all instructors as a template to build off of.  No restrictions have been placed on the use of this site, so instructors should feel free to use in its entirety or in pieces for its students resources and sample syllabus.  Clicking the following link and waiting for an email reply are the only needed steps to enroll: 

Transferring a course from D2L

While it is common for instructors to move courses out of D2L and into Canvas, not everything comes over smoothly.  We recommend the following resources to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Setting up your Semester Course

Course Creation

Your semester based courses will automatically be created for you inside of Canvas.  As the students enroll and signup for the courses inside of WINS, those enrollments will be synced up with Canvas every night.  Course for a given semester are typically made available in Canvas as soon as the registration period opens for students.

Courses are Unpublished. 

By default, all courses that are created in Canvas will come across as unpublished.  When a course is unpublished, it’s only visible to you – and students will not see the course.  Once you have your content loaded up into the course and ready to go, simply hit the “Publish” button in the top right corner on the course home page.  For more information see: Canvas Guide: How do I publish a course?

Course Combinations

Do you want to combine multiple sections of the same course into a single Canvas course?  Follow the steps in the Cross-Listing/Merging Canvas Courses guide.  If you need to combine courses that you are not the teacher for or if you have any questions please contact Canvas support.

Import your content (Master Course). 

If you have been working in a Master (Blank) course inside of Canvas – great!  You can easily copy that content into your semester course and then you’ll be ready to go!  Follow these steps to Copy Content from an Existing Canvas Course.

Canvas Support

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