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There are several different methods to create and publish media within Canvas.  The preferred solution at UW-Whitewater is Vbrick Rev.

If your media needs to be captioned for accessibility, see: Video Captioning for Accessibility.

Vbrick Rev (Preferred)

Vbrick Rev is the preferred and recommended media management system at UW-Whitewater.

How to Access: Login by going to (Login with your Net-ID and Password).

Recommended Use:

  • Reusable videos.  Lectures recorded in a media production studio on campus, guest lecture presentations, and other material that you plan to reuse in a future semester.
  • Password protected content.  Rev has the ability to lock down content to specific courses, and even to specific users.   When restricted, users will be required to login with a Net-ID and Password before being able to access the media.

Additional Resources: Vbrick Rev Streaming Guides


Kaltura is the media management system available for all of UW-System and is integrated into Canvas.

How to Access: Login to Canvas by going to  (Login with your Net-ID and Password).  Click on the “Account” menu on the left side, and then click on “My Media”.

Recommended Use:

  • One-time use videos.  This would be those quick video segments, or student projects and assignments that don’t need to be reused in future semesters.
  • Student assignments.  Any student assignments that require video can easily be done directly from Canvas using Kaltura.
  • Recording screen captures and webcam recordingsKaltura Capture is a downloadable client from Kaltura.  Users are able to record Screen, Webcam, Audio or a combination with the downloaded client, and then publish them directly to Kaltura for use in Canvas.  If you are looking to record reusable lecture content for your course, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Additional Resources: Kaltura Capture

Canvas Direct

Canvas does supply some very basic video recording options directly on the editing toolbars.  While this solution is available, we recommend that users utilize either Vbrick Rev or Kaltura instead.

How to Access: From the editing toolbar in Canvas, click on the "Record/Upload Media" icon and follow the prompts.

Recommended Use:

  • All Else Fails Backup.  We recommend using Vbrick Rev or Kaltura.  However, if all else fails - this solution is also available.

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