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Before you Proceed

Any ungraded items can result in different final grades being presented to teachers, students, and/or WINS, depending on the settings used by individuals.  The only way to ensure grades are consistently displayed is to input a grade of 0 or to mark assignments as Excused as necessary.

Setting the Grade Scheme

  1. Click on Settings in the course navigation menu. On the Course Details tab, scroll down and click on the Enable course grading scheme check box.

  2. Once checked, click on set grading scheme

  3. The Default grading scheme will be selected.  If this scheme matches your course scheme, skip to step 7.

  4. To change your grading scheme, click on Select Another Scheme and see if one of the other common schemes match.

  5. Click on the Use this Grading Standard button to activate the scheme.

    1. If your scheme is different than all of the common ones, click on manage grading schemes in the bottom right corner.  Follow this guide to add a custom grade scheme to your course:

  6. Click on Done

  7. Click on Update Course Details to complete the process.

  8. Continue to Canvas eGrading Step 2 - Export from Canvas

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