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In WINS, navigate to the Grade Roster section for the desired course. Check over the grades carefully and make changes as you see fit. Look for missing grades and any grades that came imported with unusual characters. Make corrections as needed. WINS will not let you approve your grades until all are properly formatted.

Accepting Grades in WINS

After sending grades from Canvas, follow the steps below to accept the grades in WINS.

  1. Using your browser, log into WINS at

    For procedural assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office at 262-472-1570.

  2. From the Faculity Home screen, select My Schedule.

  3. Make sure you are in the term for which you are teaching. Find your class. and click the Grade Roster icon

  4. Review your work. Click on the dropdown button next to any incorrect grade and select the correct grade.  Please note that Incompletes (I) and Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) grades need special attention during the eGrading Process. For details about these changes please refer to the Registrar's Office documentation. Don’t forget to save your work.

  5. Change the Approval Status to Approved and Save.

  6. Grades have now been successfully submitted for the selected course.

Having problems? contact Canvas Support.

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