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  1. First open up PowerPoint.
  2. If you are working with an old PowerPoint file, .ppt, you should re-save the file through save as and then choose .pptx file type.
  3. Then, double click the audio animation icon and upgrade all media objects within that PowerPoint.
  4. Next click where it says animations on the top toolbar.
  5. Then click where it says Animation Pane.
  6. Once you have clicked that a side bar should open up on the right side of the page called Animation Pane.
  7. Click the arrow by where it says Sound under the Animation Pane toolbar.
  8. Then it should give you options, click where it says effect options the picture below shows an example.
  9. Once in the effect options appear click the timing tab and make sure the start says with previous. Also make sure the triggers are set at Animate as part part of click sequence, like the picture below.
  10. Once you have changed those settings and pushed you are ready to publish your PPT.
  11. Next click where it says iSpring converter at the top of the page.
  12. Once you click the button that says iSpring converter a bar will pop up and in the top left hand corner and it will say publish, click that button.

  13. Set the Output Options to Mobile (HTML5) and set the Player to Universal (LTC (Default)). If this player setting is not there, click the Import/Export button at the bottom of the window, select Import Settings then navigate to K:\LTC\templates\ispring\ltc-settings.ispub 
  14. Check Start presentation automatically and Change slides automatically, then hit Publish.