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You can enable Plagiarism Detection in your D2L course dropbox through the Turnitin tab. Here you can enable detailed Originality Reports for dropbox submissions and adjust options that control end user visibility and report frequency.

An overview of the Originality Check is available at: Turnitin: Originality Check - Overview.

  1. Click Dropbox from the Navigation bar at the top of your course.

  2. Click on the New Folder button.

  3. Give your dropbox a unique name that you and students will recognize.

  4. Move to the Restrictions tab.

  5. Add both a Start Date and End Date

  6. Check the Turnitin tab.

  7. Check the Enable Turnitin for this Folder box. 


  8. Click More Options to access a pop-up window with additional options. 

  9. Click Optional Settings to see even more settings. In here are options to: 

    •Allow late submissions
    •Choose sources to compare submitted papers against
    •When to generate originality reports
    •Add a rubric to the assignment
    •Enable grammar checking
    •Save options as default for future assignments
    Click Submit to save your settings. 
    You will then have to close the window to go back to the Folder Properties.
  10. Under OriginalityCheck, you can find the most common Turnitin options: allowing students to see their originality reports, the frequency originality checking occurs for submissions, and when GradeMark feedback is available to learners. 

  11. Click the Save and Close button. Your dropbox has been created and will check for plagiarism using the settings you specified.