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What is a Participant List?

A Participant List is a file from TurningPoint that allows you to tie question responses to a particular students. This file's data includes the course, the student's name, their Device ID, and their Net-ID.

When your students register their Device IDs or ResponseWare licenses within D2L, a participant list is created that is ready-to-use in TurningPoint. You may have more than one participant list depending on how many courses you have using clickers that semester.

While using a participant list, it is possible to export the scores from a TurningPoint session and import them into a D2L gradebook item. Without the participant list, there is no way to know who has what score, so using it if you'd like to use this feature is important. Please see the Importing Scores into D2L wiki page for more information.


How to Retrieve a Participant List from D2L

  1. On the TurningPoint Dashboard, click on the Manage tab.

  2. Click on the Participant List drop-down menu.

  3. Select New from the list.

  4. Click the Download from Integration option, then click the Create List button.

  5. On the new pop-up window, do the following:
    1. For Integration, select Brightspace.
    2. For Server Address, enter
    3. Optional: Check the Remember this information checkbox.
  6. Click on the Connect button.

  7. In the window, click the UW-W Login button.

  8. Login as normal to D2L. Choose the Login Here button, and enter in your UW-W username and password.

  9. Click the Continue button. Note: You can check the Do not ask me again for this application checkbox to skip this step the next time you connect.

  10. From the list, check the box next to the course that you would like to import. Then, click the Import button.

  11. After the import is complete, click the OK button.

  12. Your new Participant List will appear in the list in the left-hand frame.