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  1. Download the app on your iPhone using the App Store or on your Android phone using Google Play.
  2. Login, or If you’ve never used GooseChase before, click the blue Register button.
    1. Do NOT use the “Register with Facebook” button, or you won’t get the UW-Whitewater licensing on your account.
    2. Choose a Username to log in with (your campus net-id is a good choice, as it’s easy to remember).
    3. Choose a Password, but make sure it’s different than your campus password.
    4. For the Email, make sure to use your campus email address (, or you won’t get the school license.
    5. Once you’ve finished, click the Register button.

  3. The first screen is the My Games screen. It will show you recommended games in your area based on your GPS signal.
    1. You can search for a game using the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner.
    2. Tapping the three vertical dots will bring you to the app’s settings page.

  4. Tap on the game you want to join, whether it’s recommended or searched for.
  5. The game screen will show you the Start and End times for the game, as well as the location (if provided). Tap the blue Select Team & Join Game button.

  6. If the game admin allows it, create a team using the “Create Team” button, or join one by tapping on its name.
    1. Depending how the team was created, you may need an access code to join.

  7. Once you’ve joined the game, the first tab, with the icon of a bullet point list, shows you the game’s missions.

    1. You can search for a specific mission using the magnifying glass icon in the right-hand corner.
    2. To complete a mission, click on the task and provide it with the picture/video/text/GPS location it’s asking for.
      1. Picture/Video Mission:
        1. Tap the blue Snap Evidence button to open up the camera.
        2. After taking the shot, it will take you to the submission page where you can add a caption, and share it to social media.
        3. Use the blue Submit Evidence to complete the challenge.

      2. Text Mission:
        1. Tap the blue Enter Answer button.
        2. Type in your answer. You can add any additional comments using the caption text box.
        3. Use the blue Submit Evidence to complete the challenge.

      3. GPS Mission:
        1. Tap the blue Acquire GPS Position button.
        2. Tap the blue Confirm Location button if it looks correct.
        3. If you’d like, add a caption to your submission.
        4. Use the blue Submit Evidence to complete the challenge.

    3. Completed missions can be seen under the “Completed” section. Tapping on a completed mission gives you the option to delete your submission or edit its caption using the three vertical dots next to your answer.

  8. The second tab, with the icon of a newspaper, is the Activity Feed page. It shows you recent activity for the game for all players.

  9. The third tab, with the icon of a bar graph, is the Leaderboards page. It shows you the current team rankings and their point value.

  10. The fourth tab, with the icon of a bell, is the Notifications page. It shows you any notifications you have received (point bonuses/penalties, messages from the game admin, etc…).

  11. The fifth tab, with the icon of a Heartbeat, is your Team page. It shows you your team’s answers, your points, your bonuses/penalties, and the number of submissions. The gear icon in the right-hand corner lets you edit your team settings, see the game details, view your team members, and leave the game, permanently deleting all of your submissions from it.

  12. Once the game ends, you can no longer submit anything.
  13. Have fun in GooseChase!