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GradeMark, one of the Turnitin suite of products, is used to digitally assess student written work. Using GradeMark, Instructors are able to electronically edit and grade papers online using the Desire2Learning (D2L) Dropbox. Instructors can add comments within the body of a student paper, point out grammar and punctuation mistakes, and evaluate the paper against rubrics.

Note: Annotations created in the Turnitin GradeMark tool can only be viewed from the Turnitin Document Viewer. Annotations and grades entered within GradeMark cannot be imported to the D2L Dropbox Leave Feedback tool.


Note: If a rubric has been attached to the assignment, a grade will be automatically entered in the grade field if the Rubric percentage is applied to the assignments total point value. However, the points will need to be typed into the D2L dropbox.

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