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How can I view the students in my D2L course?

Clicking on Classlist in the navbar will bring up a list of all the students in your course.

How can I see what my students are doing in D2L?

You can use the tool Class Progress to see what each student has been doing. After entering the User Progress tool, you can look at individual users showing their User Progress.  For more information, please visit the page Viewing User Progress.

How can I email my entire Classlist?

There is an option to email your Classlist. It's located at the top of the Classlist, next to Add Participants and Enrollment Statistics.

How can I email individual students in my Classlist?

There is a way to email individual students in your class. To learn more, please visit the page Brightspace email help.

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How do I create items in Content?

You'll need to create a module first and then you can create topics. Topics can be files or web links. For more information, visit Creating New Modules and Topics.

How come, after copying my content from a previous course, I receive a "file not found" error when I click on my Content topics?

When you are copying components from one course to another, make sure you select both the Content component and the Course Files component. Without the Course Files, your Content links will not have a file to link to, and you will receive a "file not found" error message.

For more information on copying course components, please see the Copy Components wiki page.

How can I use video or audio in my D2L course?

A number of different kinds of audio and video formats, including podcasts and YouTube video can be used in D2L.

The Learning Technology Center can assist you in inserting online audio and video into your course, as well as convert tapes, (authorized) DVDs, and other digital formats to your course. For more information, contact the Learning Technology Center at either or 262-472-1004.

How can I create a link in D2L to an eReserve item from the Library?

You can create links to E-Reserve documents. First, acquire the appropriate E-Reserve link. Then modify the link to use the LibProxy service, which lets off-campus students access on-campus library resources. Lastly, create a QuickLink in your content.

For more information please see the UW-W Library: Direct Links to E-Reserve and the Catalog article.

How can my students view my DOC/PPT files if they don't have Office?

A number of software applications are available which students can use to view your Microsoft Office documents. For more information, please see the Student FAQ wiki page on viewing Office documents.

How can I see which of my students have been viewing my content?

The Reports tool in Content can show you how many participants have viewed Content topics, how many times they've visited them, and how much time they spent on them. For more information, please see the Viewing Content Statistics page.

When I click on a video link, I'm getting a message about "Disallowed Key Characters".  How can I access my video?

If you are receiving this error, try removing the cookies from your browser and trying again.  Instructions on how to clear your cookies can be found at:

If the issues persists after the above steps, please contact D2L Support.

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Course Access/User Enrollment

How come I can't login to my email or D2L - what do I do?

The UW-W Helpdesk can assist with this, and they can be contacted at either or 262-472-4357. Also, your password can be updated at

How come I'm logged into D2L, but I don't see my courses!

By default, courses are not created unless they are requested. During the request process you have the option to combine multiple sections into the same course, or create each section as an individual D2L course. Courses are created 1-2 business days after you have requested it. To learn more, please visit the page Course Request.

How early can I request courses for the new semester?

Instructors can request courses beginning the day registration opens. If you need to start working on your course early, you can request an Other course through the Course Request app.  Once the new course is setup, you can copy in material from the Other course.

How do I allow students to access my course before the course start date?

We have instructions on how to do this at the page Changing Course Offering Information.

How do I add another Instructor/Course Reviewer/etc. to my course?

We have instructions on how to add other users to your D2L course here: Add a User to D2L

Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of roles available for you to enroll other users in. If none of those roles meet the kind of access needs for the person you are trying to add, please let UW-W D2L Support know what kind of access they will need to your course, and we can add them to your course in the proper role. A list of D2L roles can be viewed here: Role List

How do I add a student to my course? They just added the course late and need access to D2L.

Unfortunately, students will have to wait until the integration from WINS to D2L runs in order to enroll them into the D2L course regardless of when they add the class through WINS. Adding the student to your course manually when they're adding the course through WINS will interfere with their proper enrollment and could cause errors.

After the late add paperwork has been processed, and the student has been officially added to the course in WINS, they will be enrolled in the D2L course during the next nightly integration.

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How do I create discussion forums and topics?

Use forums to organize your discussion topics into categories. Your course can have multiple forums and topics, but you must create a forum before you can create a topic since all topics belong to forums. For more information, visit the pages Creating Discussion Forums and Creating Discussion Topics.

How can I moderate discussions? 

If a topic requires message approval, posted messages only appear to users with permission to approve messages. You must manually approve these messages to make them visible to all users. For more information, please visit the page Moderating Discussions Approving Messages.

How would I assess (or evaluate) a discussion topic?

You can evaluate students' individual messages and have D2L automatically calculate a topic score for each student, or you can assign a topic score directly to each student. If you choose to assess individual messages, you can specify how you want D2L to calculate each student’s overall topic score. For more information, please visit the page Assessing Evaluating Discussion Topic.

How would I copy a forum or topic? What if I delete a discussion message? Can I restore it?

Yes, if you delete a discussion message, there is a way to restore it. You can also copy forums and topics as well. 

How can I switch between Grid view and Reading view?

There are two ways to view your discussions, either Grid view or Reading View. To learn how to switch between them, please visit the page Switching Between Grid View and Reading View (D2L Discussions).

Some posts are showing Students as being apart of a "Deleted Group".  What is happening?

There is a known issue that occurs when a user posts from a mobile device.  The expected Group restrictions are not applied to their post, and their Group is labeled as "Deleted Group" for that post.  

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How do I create a Dropbox folder?

Dropbox folders are a great place for student's to upload their work and for you to easily grade and give feedback. To learn more, check out the Creating a Dropbox Folder page.

How can I send my Dropbox grades to the Gradebook?

Once you've created a gradebook item for your dropbox item, you can easily connect them. Visit the Linking a Dropbox Item to the Gradebook page to learn more.

How do I enable Plagiarism Detection in my Dropbox folder?

You can use Turnitin Originality to detect plagiarism. You'll learn more at the page Creating a D2L Dropbox with Turnitin Originality Check.

How would I set or change the availability dates for Dropbox Folders?

You are able to set the start, due date and end dates for all of your Dropbox Folders. You can find out how at the page Setting the Availability Dates for Dropbox Folders.

How would I grant my students special access to the Dropbox folder?

Special access permissions allow you to set different availability dates and times for specific students. You can learn more by visiting the page Add Special Access Permissions to Dropbox.

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How do I learn more about eGrading?

The D2L eGrading process allows instructors to transfer final grades from their D2L Gradebook to their WINS Grade Roster in a few simple steps. This greatly streamlines the grade submission process at the end of the term for those instructors who use the D2L gradebook.  You can find steps for this by visiting the page WINS eGrading Overview.

How do I know what is required to use D2L-WINS eGrading?

An instructor must have a D2L course and use the D2L gradebook. The D2L gradebook must use the 'Adjusted Final Grade' column and it must display the correct kind of grade scheme. You can use one of the example grade schemes provided in D2L, or create your own. Examples are currently provided for A/A+/B schemes and A/AB/B schemes.

How does the eGrading process work?

At the end of the semester, you, the instructor, looks over your course's gradebook, ensuring no grades are missing and the final grade is configured properly. Then, follow a two-"click" process to export to WINS.

Log into WINS and navigate to your courses grade roster. Click one button and the grades that were exported from D2L are brought into the Grade Input column of WINS. Lastly, confirm, save, and approve your grades in WINS.

You can find steps for this by visiting the page WINS eGrading Overview.

How will I benefit if I have a very small/large class?

If you have a large class, you will benefit most from the eGrading process because you will have significantly less data entry to perform.

If you have a small class, you are still welcome to use the eGrading process. However, you may find that it may be easier to simply enter the grades in WINS directly.

How do I submit my grades if I don't want to use eGrading?

The D2L-WINS export process is there for your convenience. You are not required to use the service.

How do I find out what the Grade Roster schedule is for the D2L Grade export?

The Grade posting process follows the exact schedule set up by the Registrar’s office. You will need to get your grades in by the closing date/time, regardless of whether you are using the D2L-WINS eGrading process or entering grades manually.

How do I contact someone for help?

Contact the Learning Technology Center (, 262-472-1004) if you have any questions on grade schemes or any other D2L issue or any other issue pertaining to this eGrading process. Contact the Registrar’s Office (472-1580) if you have questions specific to WINS grade table. You may also send questions to

How can I fix mistakes on a grade?

Even though grades were exported from D2L into WINS, you still need to approve the grades. You can make any necessary last minute changes in WINS. There is no need to re-export from D2L.

How can I transfer my grades if I need to do it more than once?

You can transfer grade files from D2L to WINS as often as you like until the course grades are posted in WINS. Each time you import grades into a WINS grade table they replace previously existing grades. Remember, it might take up to 10 minutes before the new grades are ready in WINS.

How do I use eGrading if I have multiple sections in my D2L course?

If all of your sections are undergraduate: nothing special needs to be done. Be sure to view your gradebook by all users, not groups before exporting.

If your D2L course has cross-listed sections, some graduate, some undergraduate: Configure your adjusted final grade to use a scheme suitable for your undergraduate section. Then view your gradebook by groups, choosing your undergraduate section. Then click the 'Export to SIS' icon. Then, configure your final grade to use a graduate grade scheme. View your gradebook by section, selecting your graduate section, and Export to SIS again.

How can I use eGrading if my D2L course has more than one instructor?

Any instructor in a D2L course can initiate the grade export process. Only the instructor of record can log in to WINS, import the grades, and finalize the grades.

How will my test account that is enrolled in my course affect the process?

Any student without a valid Net-ID and is not enrolled in WINS for the course/section will be ignored by WINS. Your test account will not affect the process.

How can I use a grade scheme that I created in more than one D2L course?

You will need to copy the grading scheme from the original course to the current course. You can find the option in the Course Grade Scheme screen.

How can I create a new grade scheme in D2L that I use only for the final grade?

This is a good strategy if you curve your final grade. You'll need to create a new scheme and in the edit scheme, choose your special scheme.

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How do I use the Grades Setup Wizard?

If a grade book has not already been set up or imported for your course, you should see the Grades setup Wizard when you enter the Grades tool. If a different area of the Grades tool displays by default, click Setup Wizard to open it. To learn more, please visit the page  Grade Setup Wizard.

How do I create one a grade item and what is it?

Grade items represent the individual assignments, quizzes, performance measurements, etc. that you want to grade students on. Each grade item has its own entry in the grade book, which you assign a grade to for each student. Each grade item has its own entry in the grade book, which you assessing a grade to for each student. Grade items can be tied to other course objects, such as quizzes or discussion forums, or they can exist independently. Grade items can be graded numerically, based on a grade scheme, or with a simple text message, depending on the grade item type chosen. For more information, please visit the page Grades.

How do I know what is the best way to manage grade categories and items?

While the set-up of your grade book mostly depends on you, you can use the page Grading Systems to help you decide.

How can I change my settings for grades?

The Personal display Options page lets you set what information you want to display in your grade book. Setting these options helps you set up a grade book that has the information you need and is easy to navigate and read. Please visit the page Changing Instructor View.

How can I learn more about the differences between a weighted and points system?

You will first want to select a grading system before you begin setting up your grade book. To learn more, please visit the page Grading Systems.

How do I create a grade scheme?

You can change the default grade scheme and create your own. To learn how, please visit the page Creating a Grade Scheme.

How do I create a grade book category?

Use grade book categories to organize and group related grade items into sections. To learn how to do this, please visit the page Creating a Grade Book Category.

How can I know what the differences are between the Calculated Final Grade and the Adjusted Final Grade?

The Calculated Final Grade is calculated based on the grading formula set up in the grade book. You cannot adjust it to accommodate special circumstances without editing individual grade items or categories and recalculating the total. The Adjusted Final Grade enables you to modify or adjust a user's grade before releasing it. 

How do I enter grades?

You can use the Enter Grades page to enter, import, and export grades for your students. To learn more, visit the page Entering Grades.

How do I delete grade Items?

You can delete a grade item by selecting the "More Actions" button and choosing "Delete". The next page will allow you to select the grade item or items that you would like to get rid of. Check the the box next to it and then click the blue "Delete" button.

Why can't I delete a grade item?

This is likely because the Grade Item is associated somewhere else in D2L. An easy way to check if this is the case, is to look under the "Association" column. If it says "Quizzes", "Dropbox", or "Discussions" then it is connected to that part of D2L and therefore cannot be deleted until this connection is broken.

To do this, you will have to go to the associated tool; for example, Quizzes, and go to the Quiz that corresponds with the grade item that you would like to delete. Select "Edit" under that quiz, and under the "Assesment" tab go to "Grade Item". Here you can unassociate it from the gradebook, by setting it to 'None'. You are then free to delete your grade item.

How do I calculate Final Grades?

The Final Grades page lists the calculated final grade for each student in your grade book. To learn more, visit the page Calculating Final Grades.

How can I edit the calculated or adjusted grades?

You can edit the name of the calculated or adjusted final grade, change whether users' grades can exceed the max points or weight for the final grade, apply a grade scheme to the final grade, associate an activity with the final grade, or change what grade options display in the grade book for the final grade. To learn more, you can visit the page Adjusted Final Grade.

How can I see final grade statistics?

Final grade statistics let you view details about a class, group or section's overall grades for a course. Statistics include the average, median, mode, standard deviation for a population, minimum grade, maximum grade and a graph showing the distribution of grades. You can also view users' individual final grades. To learn more, please visit the page Viewing Grades Statistics.

How can I see a record of the changes I've made to the Gradebook?

Event logs maintain a record of changes made to your grade book. The logs can be useful when auditing a grade book, managing teaching assistants, and discussing grades with users. To learn more, please visit the Grades Event Log page.

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How do I create Groups?

When creating groups, you get to choose if you will enroll the students, D2L will pick groups for students, or if the students will self-enroll. To learn how, visit v10 How to Create Groups.

How do I create Group Discussions?

Once you have created your groups, you can create group discussions. Please visit v10 How to Create Group Discussions for more information.

How do I create Group Dropboxes?

After you've created your groups, you can create group dropboxes. Visit v10 How to Create Group Dropboxes to learn how.

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How can I change the links available on my navbar?

If you need to remove or add links, such as "Surveys" or "Schedule", in the Course Default navigation bar, please visit the following page Navigation Bars.

How can I add a widget to my course?

You can add a widget to your course. Please visit the page Adding/Removing Widgets on Homepages.

How do I know what the different icons mean? Is there a list of D2L terms somewhere?

We have created a D2L Glossary that include D2L icons and D2L terms. You can find it by visiting the page D2L Glossary.

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Manage Files

How do I use Manage Files?

Manage Files is a way to create a file management system for your course. You can create, edit, delete, upload, move files and folders and zip and unzip folders all in the same general location. All files created in or uploaded to your D2L course are stored in Manage Files. Manage Files can be accessed through Content or through Edit Course. To learn more, please visit the page Manage Files.

How do I create a content topic from the Manage Files area?

You can create a content topic using a file directly from Manage Files. Please visit the page Creating a Content Topic from Manage Files for more information.

How do I create new HTML or TXT files?

Creating HTML files in D2L makes accessing information for the viewer easier. You can actually create HTML files in your Content area. You can learn more by visiting the page Creating a New Topic.

How do I download files I've created in D2L?

You can download files or folders from Manage Files to use offline or on a different computer. Please visit the page Downloading Files from your Course for more information.

How can I upload files into my D2L course?

Manage Files enables you to select and upload files from your computer to your D2L course. You can upload most file types, but ensure that your students will have the appropriate software to view these files. Please visit the page Uploading Files into your Course for more information.

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How do I know which type of question to create?

There are quite a few choices you have when creating quizzes. You can find a list of the different type of questions you can create, and what you should use them here: Question Library.

How do I change a quiz question after my students have taken the quiz?

After making changes to a question's answers either in the Question Library or the Quiz itself, the correct answer is not updated for attempts that students have already taken. You may run into this when a quiz question has the wrong answer marked as the "correct answer", and students are not receiving the proper points because of this. To learn more, visit Change the Answer to a Quiz Question.

How do I submit a quiz attempt for a student who had computer issues? 

If your student has an attempt in progress for a quiz and can no longer submit it, you can submit the attempt for them. Entering the quiz attempt as the user allows you to go into the quiz as if you were the student. You do have the ability to answer questions for them in this view, but this is generally not how the option is used. To learn more, please visit the page Submit an Attempt for a Student.

How do I remove a student's quiz attempt? Can I give the student another chance at a quiz?

We have a tutorial page on how to do this here: Delete a Quiz Attempt.

How do I link my quiz scores to the gradebook?

You have two options when creating Quizzes. You can set up the quiz so that the grades will be transferred directly to grades, and students will see their grades right away, or you can set it up so that you will have to go in later, look over the quizzes and publish the grades yourself. To learn more, please visit the page Linking Quiz Scores to Grades.

How can I send quiz scores to the Gradebook? I've linked my quiz scores to the Gradebook, but several of my students had taken the quiz before I did this and their grades are not showing up in the Gradebook.

In D2L, there isn't currently a way to automatically resend quiz attempt scores to the Gradebook. However, you can "trick" the quiz into republishing the attempt scores, which does send the new scores to the Grades. This option may be useful if you've made updates to Max Points within the grade item, the question points within the quiz, or did not set up grade item association for the quiz ahead of time. To learn more, please visit the page Republish Quiz Scores to Grades.

How do I create quiz submission views?

By default, students only see a grade as feedback (such as 8/10) if you have enabled "Automatic Grading" for your quiz. If you would like students to view the questions, their answers and possibly even the correct answers for the past quiz attempts, you'll need to set up an additional view. This can be set to appear at the time of quiz submission or after a set date. To learn more, visit the page Allow Students to see Feedback and Question Answers.

How do I create a quiz that has random questions?

Adding a random section to your quiz allows you to have randomized questions in your quiz. This means each attempt, including between individual participants and multiple attempts by a single participant, will have a different set of questions or a different order to those questions. To learn more, please visit the page Add a Random Section to a Quiz.

How do I create test banks in D2L using books I teach?  One is on a CD and the other is downloaded from the web – what do I need to do to get this done?

If the packages are available as D2L, IMS Course Catridges or Blackboard packages, you should be able to go to your course, click Edit Course then Import/Export/Copy Components. You would choose the third option to import.

That said, you have to be careful if importing blackboard packages as D2L may bring all questions into your question library without placing them in sections. You would have to manually move questions in to the correct location. D2L native, and IMS Cartridge packages do not have this problem. WebCT packages also work, but to not always import with question answers.

Lastly, you can use Respondus to bring questions into D2L and if a Respondus package is available, the process to import is largely automated. Respondus will likely also be the only option if the only format available for your questions is a Word document. For more information on Respondus, please see the Respondus Product Page.

How do I use the LockDown Browser? Can I set that as an option for my students?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in Desire2Learn. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access a quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, access other applications, or close a quiz until it is submitted for grading. To learn more, please visit the page LockDown Browser: Getting Started (Instructors).

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How do I display the survey results in my news or content area?

To make survey results available for users to display, create a Survey Report by doing the following:

  1. In the Survey tool, select the survey that you want to make the results available.
  2. Select the "Reports Setup" tab.
  3. Click Add Report.
  4. Specify a "Report Name" and "Report Type" options. Select summary report, show aggregate data.
  5. Click immediately under "Release" to make the report available now or when you want all students to view the results
  6. Check the roles or users under "Release Report To" that should be able to see the survey results. You can make it available to you and the students.
  7. Click Save Report.
  8. When all the students have taken the report, then click on report, click on results, generate an HTML report
  9. Select all, copy (Ctrl C) , and paste (Ctrl V) in the News or Content section.

Pasting the survey results into the News or Content section works well on a PC using Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you use a Mac, the graphics don't come out as well, but students with Macs or PCs are able to see the results well if you use a PC to paste in the results.

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Turnitin Suite

How do I learn more about Turnitin?

We have created an overview of Turnitin that has links on how to submit assignments, review reports, understand the originality score and the originality report. You can find it by visiting the page Turnitin: Originality Check - Overview.

How do I adjust More Options in Turnitin?

When you click on the "More Options in Turnitin", a window appears with additional options. You can make any changes to the settings that you desire. When you are finished click on the blue "Submit" button. You will then have to close the window and then click on the "Save and close button when you are finished editing your options in your Dropbox folder. To learn more visit this page: Creating a D2L Dropbox with Turnitin Originality Check

How can I exclude quotes and bibliography references from an originality report?

You can actually exclude both copy quotes and bibliography references from an originality report at the same time. To learn more, please visit the page Turnitin: Originality Check - Exclude Quotes and Bibliography.

How can I learn more about GradeMark?

GradeMark, one of the Turnitin suite of products, is used to digitally assess student written work. Using GradeMark, Instructors are able to electronically edit and grade papers online using the Desire2Learning (D2L) Dropbox. Instructors can add comments within the body of a student paper, point out grammar and punctuation mistakes, and evaluate the paper against rubrics. To learn more, please visit the page GradeMark.

How do I use GradeMark?

In order to use GradeMark, the Instructor must first enable "Plagiarism Detection" within the selected D2L dropbox folder. To learn more please visit Creating a D2L Dropbox with Turnitin Originality Check. Once it is enabled, you can learn about using it by visiting the page Turnitin: GradeMark - How To.

How do I use the GradeMark e-rater for Grammar Check?

The e-rater grammar feedback technology, developed by ETS®, automatically checks submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors; providing in depth feedback with on paper marks. To use e-rater technology for an assignment it must be enabled during assignment creation. To learn more, please visit the page Turnitin: GradeMark - e-rater Grammar Check.

How do I leave feedback with my grades using GradeMark?

Students will not be able to view feedback made to their papers with GradeMark, until a grade has been assigned to their paper in GradeMark. To learn more, please visit the page Turnitin: GradeMark - Feedback and Grades.

How do I turn on the Highlight/Comment Tool in GradeMark?

A comment is equivalent to the notes that you might write in the margins of a paper. You can learn more by visiting that page Turnitin: GradeMark - Highlight/Comment Tool.

How do I make Quickmark Comments with GradeMark?

The QuickMark comments are commonly used or standard editing marks that instructors can utilize when editing and grading papers. These marks are stored in the QuickMark Manager. You can learn more about this by visiting the page Turnitin: GradeMark - QuickMark Comments.

How can I use rubrics with GradeMark?

Rubric scorecards can be used to evaluate student work based on defined criteria and scales. Instructors can create and share rubric scorecards, allowing other instructors to upload the rubric scorecard to their classes. To learn more, please visit Turnitin: GradeMark - Rubric.

How do I use PeerMark?

The Turnitin PeerMark tool is not integrated with D2L. You will have to go to to access the tool. If you do not currently have a Turnitin user account, please contact the LTC ( and an account will be created for you. To learn more about using it, please visit the page PeerMark.

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