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The Kaltura Capture Personal Desktop Recorder allows users to easily record their screen, webcam, voice, or any combination from within Canvas.  Kaltura Capture is a light weight application that must first be downloaded and installed on your computer.  Note: The application does not require Administrator rights for installation on Windows, but may require Administrator rights for installation on Mac.

  1. You can access Kaltura by logging into Canvas, and clicking on My Media under the Account tab along the left of the page in the global navigation.


    1. Upon logging in for the first time, a dialogue box will pop up asking for Kaltura to access your account. Click on "Authorize".

  2. Once My Media has launched, click on the Add New dropdown menu in the upper right of the page and select Kaltura Capture.

    1. If this is your first time launching Kaltura Capture, follow the prompts on the screen to accept the terms of service and to download the client.

  3. Once Kaltura Capture has launched, choose from the common options below to create your recording.  These links will take you to separate pages which will provided detail instructions.

    1. Screen Recording Instructions

    2. Screen & Webcam Recording Instructions

    3. Voice Recording Instructions

    4. Webcam Recording Instructions

If you have additional questions, see: Kaltura Capture - FAQ.

If you have any questions regarding Kaltura Capture please contact UW-W Canvas Support