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Note: In order for this to work you must have Respondus Version 4.0

  1. Open Respondus and select the Retrieval tab.

  2. Click the "Retrieve Questions" Button.

  3. Your settings should appear like the image below.

    • If you do not see these setting select "add new server", check for preconfigured and choose "Desire2learn@UW-W".

    • Enter a name for the D2L server and enter your University Net-ID and Password. Then click "Next."

    • When the Desire2Learn Authorization window appears, click on the "Continue" button.

    • Once the Login and Connection Test have completed, click "Next."

  4. Click "Next" and enter in your University Net-ID and Password. Then click "OK".

  5. Choose the Course you would like to Retrieve the Quiz/Questions from.
    • If you are exporting a quiz make sure the quiz radio button is selected and select a quiz from the dropdown menu.
    • If you export a question library, you can use that library for a number of quizzes.
    • We recommend that you export the question library

  6. Give the file a name.

  7. When you are done it should look like the image below.

  8. Click "Next"

  9. You should see a report and at the bottom it should read "-- Completed successfully --"

  10. Click "Finish"

  11. Your questions can now be used in the Respondus 4.0 Program.