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The sharing features of ePortfolio enable you to get feedback from your peers and mentors. ePortfolio items are shared with other users through permissions.

You can set up separate permission options for each artifact, collection, reflection and presentation in your ePortfolio, allowing you to decide which content you want to share with others.

To assign permssions:

  1. Go to the right hand side of your D2L homepage and click on Tools. Then select ePortfolio.

  2. Next to the item you'd like to share, click on the drop-down list and choose Share

  3. If you want to give public access, click on the Anyone with the URL below can access this item box.

  4. Under Presentation Visibility, click Show Display Options.

  5.  You can choose Always Visible, Always Hidden, or Visible for a specified date range

  6. Under Presentation Sharing List, click on the blue Add Users and Groups

  7. Search for the users you would like to give permission to.

  8. Assign permissions to the selected users. They can see comments from others, add comments, see assessments from others, add assessments, and edit

  9. Click Add

  10. You will now see them under the Sharing List.

  11. Check the box next to Add Users and Groups then click Send Invite

  12. Click Close

    *For additional information on ePortfolio terms, visit here.