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Accessing Courses

How come I don't see my course in D2L? I just enrolled in it on Wins.

Enrollments in D2L do not occur automatically. Enrollments/unenrollments are processed overnight during integration between D2L and WINS.

If you enroll in a course through a late add, you will not be enrolled/unenrolled into your course until your late add paperwork has been completed, and you are officially listed in the course in WINS. Please keep in mind that UW-W D2L Support or your instructor cannot add you to a D2L course if you're enrolling through WINS. If you have questions on your paperwork or the process, follow-up with the department where your paperwork was filed and the Registrar's office.

How do I access my grades, dropbox items, etc. from an old course?

D2L courses become unavailable two weeks after the last day of the course, unless your instructor changes the date. To view your final grade, login to WINS. If you need an individual grade or specific files, email your an instructor for a list of your grades or access to your files.

How come I can't login to my email or D2L? What should I do?

The UW-W Helpdesk can assist with this, and they can be contacted at either or 262-472-4357. Also, your password can be changed or updated at

How do I find my course?

Your courses, if available, are listed under the 'My Courses' heading ("widget") once you login to D2L. Click the plus sign next to the current semester. Any courses you have will then appear.

If the current semester is not listed, none of your courses during that semester are using D2L.

How come I can't see my course? I see my course, but why can't I access it yet?

Instructors choose whether their course is offered on D2L. In addition, instructors can request for their course at any time. If a course does not appear, but your instructor is referring to a course, they may not have requested it yet.

If you can't access a course or if the course is "grayed-out", check next to the course's name. The course's start or end date will be listed there in parenthesis and will let you know when it will open or when it closed.

How come I can't see any of my courses? They were there yesterday. Help!

There is an arrow next to "My Courses" at the bottom of the page. You can use it to hide your courses, which might be what happened. Click on the arrow so that it faces down and your courses should appear.

How do I self-register for a course?

Self-Registration courses are for faculty, staff, and student registration. A complete listing of self-registration courses can be found on D2L. You can find more information on the page Self-Registration.

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Content and Course Files

How do I view Word, Excel or PowerPoint files if I don't own Office?

Note: The tools listed below are not endorsed by, or necessarily supported by UW-Whitewater. Microsoft Office can be purchased at a reduced price for UW-W students, and faculty/staff. Contact the Helpdesk at 262-472-4357 or for more information.

Microsoft Windows only: Office files, including Office 2010 and older, can be viewed using free viewer software from Microsoft.

Mac OSX only: There are several free products which read Office documents, including OpenOffice. As of the writing of this article, OpenOffice does not read Office 2007 files. Contact the Computer Helpdesk for information on converters for Mac OSX.

How do I get this Java application to load?

To verify that you have the latest version, please visit this page on the Java site, and click on the "Verify Java version" button: If you don't have the latest version, the page will notify you and give you a link to download it.

If you have the latest version of Java, and you are still unable to view the Java application, you may be getting an pop up message referenced in the following images. Make sure you read the messages carefully. Click on "Run" for the first pop up, and "No" on the second in order to allow your browser to run the Java application.

Java Security Warning: Select "Run"

Java Security Warning: Select "No"

How come I'm asked for my Net-ID and password when I view a course file?

An instructor may be linking to an external resource that may require you to enter your UW-W Net-ID and password. If you have questions about accessing a particular item, please contact your instructor.

When I click on a video link, I'm getting a message about "Disallowed Key Characters".  How can I access my video?

If you are receiving this error, try removing the cookies from your browser and trying again.  Instructions on how to clear your cookies can be found at:

If the issues persists after the above steps, please contact D2L Support.


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How do I see the topics for my group discussions?

If you aren't seeing the topics for your group discussion, there is most likely a configuration issue in the Discussion area. Contact D2L using the support form so that we have all the necessary information to contact your instructor, and we will work with them to resolve the problem.

How do I compose a message? When I click the button to compose a message, nothing happens.

When you click on the Compose button in a Discussion topic, a new window with a text editor should open. Check to make sure your browser is not blocking pop-ups or make sure UW-Whitewater and D2L are added to your trusted sites.



How do I delete a file I submitted?

You can not delete a file once it has been submitted to a Dropbox. Your instructor is the only one who has the ability to do so.

Instead, upload a new version of the document. Your instructor has the resources available to tell the difference between the documents. Also, to ensure he or she is aware of the mistake, contact your instructor directly.

How come I can't access a certain Dropbox folder?

Instructors are able to open and close the Dropbox at certain times. Sometimes, a Dropbox is no longer accessible because the date of access has passed.

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How do I learn more about ePortfolio?

Desire2Learn's ePortfolio (eP) tool is a personal repository for organizing, presenting, and reflecting on digital "artifacts" such as presentations, assignments, photos, and other course materials. Learners can also build and extend their learning networks to capture both the formal and informal learning experience through social learning. The ePortfolio tool is already integrated into D2L. To learn more, please visit the page ePortfolio.

How do I create a presentation in ePortfolio?

Presentations let you compile ePortfolio items into a web project to showcase your achievements. Your presentations can have multiple pages and use different themes and layouts. Presentations provide a polished, professional medium to demonstrate your learning and accomplishments. To learn more, please visit the pages Creating Presentations in ePortfolio and Adding Items to a Presentation in ePortfolio.

How do I create a collection in ePortfolio?

Collections are groups of artifacts, reflections, presentations, and learning objectives. A good way to think of it is like a folder, where you can store and organize all of your items that you’ve put in ePortfolio. To learn more, please visit the pages Creating Collections in ePortfolio and Adding Items to a Collection in ePortfolio.

How do I add artifacts (or items) to ePortfolio?

Artifacts are the pieces used to put together collections, or to put together a final presentation. Artifacts can be almost file, such as a Word Document, Photo, PDF, PowerPoint, audio or video clip. To learn more, please visit the page Adding Artifacts (Items) to ePortfolio.

How do I share items in ePortfolio?

The sharing features of ePortfolio enable you to get feedback from your peers and mentors. ePortfolio items are shared with other users through permissions. You can set up separate permission options for each artifact, collection, reflection and presentation in your ePortfolio, allowing you to decide which content you want to share with others.To learn more, please visit the page Sharing Items in ePortfolio.

How do I comment on an item that has been shared with me in ePortfolio?

The sharing features of ePortfolio enable you to give feedback to your peers. To learn more, please visit the page Commenting on Shared Items in ePortfolio.

How do I create a reflection in ePortfolio?

Reflections are independent items that you can link to artifacts, collections, or presentations.  You can use the reflections to explain the differences between two items or use to keep notes for yourself while creating a presentation. To learn more, please visit the page Creating Reflections in ePortfolio.

How do I publish videos to ePortfolio?

Publishing videos to your ePortfolio on D2L is a multi-step process. After editing/creating your video, you need to export it using the correct settings. Next, you need to make sure you have the correct file extension. Lastly, you upload your video to ePortfolio and set the necessary display settings. To learn more, please visit the page Publishing Videos to ePortfolio.

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How do I find tutorial videos on D2L?

We do have training videos on D2L that can help you understand how to navigate the somewhat complicated system. You can visit this page (Desire2Learn v10) to watch the videos created specifically for UW-Whitewater or D2L also has a youtube channel for how to videos.

How do I find step by step written instructions about D2L?

This FAQ contains links to multiple UW-W created directions.  D2L has also created an FAQ containing some step by step directions

How do I check my system?

You can easily check to make sure your system is up-to-date by visiting this page System Check.

How can I set up e-mail notifications for my D2L courses?

Students have the option to customize their D2L notifications to control when and how they receive emails and text messages about their activity in D2L. You can visit the page Email Notifications to learn more.

How do I know what the different icons mean? Is there a list of D2L terms somewhere?

We have created a D2L Glossary that include D2L icons and D2L terms. You can find it by visiting the page D2L Glossary.

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How do I register for a group?

In your course, click the Groups tool in your course's navigation bar. A message will be presented asking you to enroll into a group with a link to register. For more information, please visit the page How to Self-Enroll in a Group.

How do I know which group I am a member of? Who else is in the group I am in?

To see the groups you are a member of, select the Groups tool in your course's navigation bar. The groups you are a part of will be listed there.

To the right of the group name, under the Members column, click on the number. You can then see a list of the other members in your group.

How does our group submit our paper? Do we each have to submit the same paper?

If you are in a group and your instructor asks you to submit your group paper, only one member of your group will need to submit the paper. If your instructor decides to leave feedback, all members of the group will be able to see the feedback.

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LockDown Browser

How do I use LockDown browser? Where do I find more information on the LockDown Browser?

To learn more about and how to use LockDown Browser, please refer to the LockDown Browser Student Documentation..

How do I find the Start Quiz button if it's not showing up when I go to take the quiz? 

The quiz most likely requires Respondus LockDown browser in order to take it. If you are on your own computer and not a campus computer, you will need to download the LockDown browser before you can take the quiz.

For information on how to download and use the LockDown Browser, please read the Student LockDown Browser Guide.

How do I start the quiz? I've downloaded LockDown Browser.

Make sure you are starting Respondus LockDown browser by double clicking the shortcut on your desktop. The browser will load the Desire2Learn homepage. Navigate to your course then open your quiz. (Please note that LockDown Browser is installed on all campus lab and classroom computers and doesn't need to be downloaded.)

How do I close the Sidebar? I've downloaded LockDown Browser, but when I go to run it it tells me to close the Sidebar.

The Sidebar is the space on the left or right hand side of the screen in Windows Vista and Windows 7 where different widgets are located.

  • To temporarily disable the sidebar, right click in that area and select "Close Sidebar".
  • To permanently disable the sidebar, right click in that area and select "Properties". Uncheck the "Start Sidebar when Windows starts" box.

How come I get a message to close the "Dell Dock" every time I try to use LockDown Browser? What's "Dell Dock"?

The Dell Dock

The Dell Dock is an add-on for Windows Vista that comes installed on Dell computers.

  • To temporarily close the Dell Dock, right-click anywhere on the Dell Dock, and select "Advanced Settings...". There is an option to "Close the dock". Selecting this option will only shut the Dell Dock down for that one session. It will start up again the next time you log in.
  • To close the Dell Dock permanently, right-click anywhere on the Dell Dock. This will bring up an options selection menu. Select "Advanced Settings...". Left click on the arrow next to "Dock options". Under "Dock options", clear the check box by "Run at startup". This will keep the Dell Dock from loading the next time you log in.

How do I submit my quiz if it's frozen and I'm in LDB. What do I do?

Because the LockDown browser will not allow you to close it until you have successfully submitted your quiz attempt, you will need to manually shut down your computer. (You can do this by pressing in and holding your computer's power button until your screen goes black and the lights on the front are off.) After shutting down your computer completely, start it back up, and re-enter your quiz through the LockDown browser.

Please keep in mind that the timer for the quiz attempt will continue to run. If there's still time left, you should be able to complete the quiz and submit the attempt without it being marked as "Late". If it is submitted after the time limit is up, contact your instructor to let them know, and how they handle your attempt will be at their discretion.

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How do I submit my quiz if my computer is frozen? What do I do?

If your computer is frozen, you are seeing errors in your quiz, or you aren't able to submit your quiz, close out of your browser completely and then re-open it. You can re-enter your quiz by going to that quiz, and clicking the "Continue Quiz" link. If you are in a campus computer lab, you may wish to try using a different computer to continue your quiz.

Please keep in mind that the timer for the quiz attempt will continue to run after closing your browser. If there's still time left, you should be able to complete the quiz and submit the attempt without it being marked as "Late". If it is submitted after the time limit is up, contact your instructor to let them know, and how they handle your attempt will be at their discretion.

How do I view feedback an instructor has left on my quiz?

You can find your feedback for a quiz under the Quiz Attempt. For more information, please visit the page How to View Feedback for a Quiz Attempt.

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How do I see my GradeMark comments on a Dropbox submission?

There are currently two ways to access the GradeMark comments on a Dropbox submission. The first way is through the feedback left for a Dropbox submission and the second is through viewing the Originality Report and and GradeMark details. To learn more, please visit the page Viewing the Originality Report and and GradeMark .