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What is TechQuest?

TechQuest is an online technology orientation program for incoming UW-Whitewater students, both freshmen and transfer. TechQuest was developed by Instructional, Communication, and Information Technology (ICIT) and implemented in collaboration with First Year Experience (FYE) and the Academic Advising & Exploration Center (AAEC). TechQuest was first offered to the incoming freshman class and transfer students in the summer of 2011. Since then, it has been a resounding success, achieving high completion and student satisfaction rates.

How does TechQuest work?

TechQuest can be completed by using an online system called Desire2Learn (D2L for short). Most UW-Whitewater instructors use D2L in their courses to deliver course materials, to collect assignments, and sometimes to conduct online quizzes and exams.

TechQuest is listed a self-enrolled course. TechQuest has ten sections:

  1. A "Start Here" section with a general overview;
  2. Eight content modules;
  3. An optional "Feedback" section.

Each module contains a brief overview, a content page, and a link to a short, self-grading quiz. Each content page contains a close-captioned video and a list of optional online resources you can explore.

Which topics does TechQuest cover?

TechQuest covers important topics like D2L, your login information, email and spam filtering, time management tools, WINS, file storage options, software purchases, and technology facilities on campus.

How long will it take me to complete TechQuest?

TechQuest is designed to be self-paced and can be completed in less than an hour. You can, however, take as much time as you need. You have up to two hours for each quiz, and you can take each quiz as many times as you want.

Why it TechQuest important?

TechQuest is important because it will help you understand the access you have state-of-the-art technology and learning tools. These will allow you to make the most of your college experience. TechQuest is here to provide you with the information about which technology resources are available to you and where you can find more information and assistance.

Am I required to go through TechQuest?

Completing TechQuest is required of all freshmen and is strongly recommended for transfer and readmitted students. This is because a large percentage of this second group is re-admitted to UW-Whitewater and may already be familiar with technology resources and tools used on campus.

If you do not complete TechQuest and you are a freshman, then we send your name to advising and

How do I register for TechQuest?

  1. Go to Or you can access the D2L login page through the UW-Whitewater homepage at and clicking on the D2L link in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Click the purple "Login Here!" button.
  3. Enter your Net-ID and password.
    1. Note: your Net-ID is the first part of your UW-Whitewater email address.
  4. In the grey navigation bar, click Tools.
  5. Click Self-Registration from the dropdown menu.
  6. Find the current semester's TechQuest in the Self-Registering Course Offerings table, and click the name in the Course Offering Name column.
  7. On the course description window that loads, click the Register button.
  8. Click the Submit button.
  9. Click Finish to continue.
  10. A Registration Summary will appear, and a confirmation email will be sent to your UW-Whitewater email account.
  11. Click the Done button to return to your D2L homepage.
  12. On the page that loads, look at the My Courses section of the page (scroll down if you do not see it). On the Student tab, you should find the TechQuest course.
  13. Click the TechQuest name to enter the course. 

How long is TechQuest open?

TechQuest is open for a few weeks during the academic year:

  • Fall: August 1 - second Friday of classes (early September)
  • Spring: January 1 - second Friday of classes (early February)

If you are not sure when TechQuest closes, don't worry. We will send you actual dates and more information a few weeks before TechQuest opens each semester.

How do I take a TechQuest quiz?

In these instructions, we assume you have already self-registered for TechQuest in D2L. If you have not, follow the instructions in the How Do I Register for TechQuest? section above.

To take a quiz in TechQuest:

  1. Log into D2L and access TechQuest.
  2. Click Quizzes in the course navigation bar or click the quiz link in the appropriate TechQuest unit.
  3. Click the appropriate quiz name.
  4. Click the "Start Quiz" button when you are ready to begin the quiz.
  5. After you have answered the questions, click "Go to Submit Quiz", and this will allow you to submit your quiz.
    1. Tip: Save your quiz answers as you go along so you do not lose them. 

How will I know if I completed TechQuest successfully?

You have successfully completed TechQuest if you pass with a score of 68/80 or higher. To find your grades, click Grades in the course navigation bar. On top of the Grade Items list, you should see the total number of points you have received for the TechQuest quizzes out of a possible 80 points. If your score is...

= 68 or higher, you have successfully completed TechQuest.

< 68, you will need to retake one or more quizzes to increase your score to 68 or higher.

Remember that you can retake the quizzes as many times as you need.

How can I provide feedback for TechQuest?

There is a TechQuest Feedback section in D2L in which we ask students to complete a brief 3-minute survey after they had completed all 8 content unit quizzes. You cannot access this survey unless you have completed all 8 units.

How can I stay connected to TechQuest news and updates?

All new, transfer, and readmitted students will receive three email reminders (sent to their UW-Whitewater email address) before TechQuest closes. Students may also choose to receive updates and reminders as text messages on their phones by sending follow UWWTechQuest to 40404 (please note that text messages may incur charges, depending on your mobile phone plan; to stop getting text updates on your phone, text STOP to 40404). Students may also like TechQiest on Facebook (, or follow it on Twitter: @UWWTechQuest.

Where can I go for help if I have questions or need assistance?

If you have a question or are having difficulties with TechQuest, you have a couple of resources where you can seek help. Contact the Technology Support Center Helpdesk ( or (262) 472-4357) with any issues related to login (Net-ID or password issues). Fill out a D2L Support form if you are having issues with a TechQuest unit, the content, or D2L in general. You can find this form at










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