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Writing Peer Reviews

Note: A peer review can be saved and closed to be completed at a later time by clicking the Save button at the top of the peer review page.


Writing a peer review for an assigned paper:

  1. Click on the class name
  2. Click on the Write Reviews button to the right the PeerMark assignment
  3. Click on the Start review link to start a pre-assigned review
  4. PeerMark will open. All the free response and scale questions that need to be completed for the peer review are located on the right side of the PeerMark screen
  5. To answer a free response question, click in the text box below the question and type in your response. The word minimum for response is listed below the text box
  6. To answer a scale questions, click on the radio button above the number for the rating you are giving this writer for the question
  7. Answer all remaining free response and scale questions. Once the questions are completed click on the Submit button at the top of the PeerMark page to submit your review


PeerMark Tools Palette

The PeerMark Tools palette contains all the commenting functions available to a student. To access the Tools palette click on Tools on the PeerMark tool bar.

The Tools palette contains two commenting tools and several composition marks that students can use in reviewing and editing their peers’ papers.

Commenting Tools

Within PeerMark students may comment on the paper they are reviewing. A comment is equivalent to the notes that a student may write in the margins of a paper. A comment might be:

“I like this idea. Think you could develop it further in this paragraph.”

A comment may be up to one thousand characters in length.


Adding a comment to a paper:

  1. Within PeerMark, to add a comment to a paper click on the paper where you would like to comment. A comment icon and comment bubble will appear

  2. Enter text into the text field of the comment bubble

  3. (Optional) If the comment references a specific area of the paper, you can click and drag on the paper while the comment bubble is open to create a highlight over text. The color of the highlight can be selected before clicking and dragging. Multiple highlights can be created for each mark if there are multiple areas to reference. Highlights may overlap

  4. Click the Save button to save the comment

The comment can be edited at any time by clicking on the mark symbol for the comment. The Edit and trash icons will appear, click on the edit icon or double click the mark to open up the comment box. Edit the comment and click Save to save any changes made to the comment. To move a comment, click and hold on the mark symbol and drag the icon to a new location. To delete a comment click on the trash icon.

Inline Comments

Inline comments allow students to add comments directly onto the paper. The inline comment appears as type overlaid on the paper. The student may select a color from the drop down menu for the inline comment.

To add an inline comment, select the type tool from the Tools palette. Select a color from the color pull down by clicking on the drop down menu for the type tool.


The user can click on the paper where the comment should begin. The inline comment will show up as a light gray highlight over which typing may be done. When finished, click elsewhere on the paper or select the highlighter tool from the Tools palette. The inline comment will appear as typing directly over the paper.

An inline comment can be deleted by moving the cursor over the comment and then clicking on the gray trash can icon that appears to the left of the comment. Deleted comments cannot be recovered.

The inline comment can be moved by clicking and dragging the comment to a new location on the page. Releasing the mouse will affix the inline comment to the page in the new location.

Composition Marks

Composition Marks are standard editing marks that students can utilize when editing and reviewing their peers’ papers. To add an composition mark to a paper click on the mark you want to add in the tools palette and drag the mark to the desired location

on the paper.

To move a composition mark click on the mark and drag it to the new position on the paper and release the click. To delete a mark place the cursor over the mark, the trash icon will appear click on the trash icon to delete the mark.