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With the new version of TurningPoint, Turning Technologies has taken its available clicker software, such as TurningPoint, TurningPoint Anywhere, Results Manager, etc., and combined it into one singular program. Along with this change, some of the common processes you may have used to conduct your clicker sessions have changed slightly or have had their locations changed. This wiki page will explain some of the changes and link to more information to help you with this new version.

If you have any questions about TurningPoint 5 or clickers, please contact the Learning Technology Center.


Turning Technologies has documentation available for the latest version of TurningPoint.

For additional documentation, please visit the Turning Technologies User Guide page.

D2L Integration

Clicker keypad or ResponseWare license registration was previously done through a separate application. After students registered their ID numbers, instructors could download participant list files to use within their clicker presentations. However, with the new TurningPoint 5, we now have the ability to use our LMS, Desire2Learn, to facilitate the registration and list-retrieval process.

For more information on registering a clicker keypad or ResponseWare license ID, please see the Registering Your Clicker on D2L wiki page.

For more information on retrieving a participant list for your class, please see the D2L: Retrieving a Participant List From TurningPoint Cloud wiki page.


The biggest difference you'll notice with TurningPoint 5 is the dashboard. This dashboard is where you access the software you want to use. There are three tabs across the top, Polling, Content, and Manage, that have everything you need to run a clicker session.

  • The Polling tab is where you access TurningPoint (now called PowerPoint Polling) and TurningPoint Anywhere and can quickly select a loaded Participant list, Question list, or PowerPoint presentation for your session.

  • The Content tab is where you can load and organize your clicker PowerPoint presentation and TP Anywhere Question lists.

  • The Manage tab is where you can load, access, and edit your Participant lists and your TurningPoint sessions. This is also where you access reports for your sessions and access the Results Manager software.


Session Files Extension Change

In TurningPoint 5, the session file extension (formerly ".TPZ") has been changed to a new extension (now ".TPZX"). If you have session files saved from a previous version of TurningPoint, such as TurningPoint 2008, and would like to continue using these session files in TurningPoint 5, you can convert the old files into the new format within TurningPoint 5.

For directions, please see the Converting a Session File wiki page.


Changes in TurningPoint (PowerPoint Polling)

This section will cover some of the changes that have been made to the PowerPoint Polling software and explain where some of the most commonly used functions have been moved to in the new menus.

TurningPoint PowerPoint Ribbon

The TurningPoint "ribbon" or menu in PowerPoint has been changed to condense the options into more appropriate menus.

All of the same functions from the previous TurningPoint software are still available. However, the options you're used to using for may have moved.

Polling Test

The Polling Test feature can be used to test receivers or clicker keypads to make sure they are sending or receiving responses.

  1. To get to the polling test feature in TurningPoint, click on the Receiver button.

  2. Then, in this settings window, click on the Test button.

  3. Any clicker keypads that send a response to the receiver will display in the window. To end the test, click the Close button.


Importing Participant Lists

Participant lists can be loaded for TurningPoint in two ways, on the TurningPoint dashboard or within the TurningPoint ribbon.

When on the TurningPoint dashboard:

  1. Go to the Manage tab.

  2. Click on the Participant List button.

  3. Select Import from the drop down menu.

  4. Find, select, and open your participant list file. The participant list's file name will appear in the left-hand window pane.

To load a participant list while on the TurningPoint ribbon within PowerPoint, click on the Load List button.

Creating Clicker Slides

  1. Click on the New option from the TurningPoint ribbon.

  2. Select the question type from the menu. (Multiple Choice is the most commonly used type).
  3. From there, you can continue to edit your clicker slide.


Assigning Points for a Correct Answer

Once you have a clicker slide created, you can set which answer is correct and the amount of points awarded in the slide preference menu.

  1. Set how many points a correct or incorrect answer is worth. By default, correct is worth 1 and incorrect is 0.

  2. Select which answer is correct in that answer's drop down menu.


Inserting Objects

Objects that can be inserted are things like the correct answer indicator, a countdown timer, etc. This is also where you can insert a different type of chart besides the default bar graph.

To insert an object, click on the Objects option in the TurningPoint ribbon menu. Then, select the object from the menu.

Saving a Session

To save your clicker session, click on the Save option in the TurningPoint ribbon menu. You can either save the session or choose the "Save As" option from the menu.

Continuing a Session

To continue a previously saved clicker session, click on the Continue button in the TurningPoint ribbon in PowerPoint.

Please note that there has been a change to the file extension for session files in TurningPoint 5, and any session files that were created in previous versions will need to be converted first before they can be used in this new version. See the Session File Extension Change section at the beginning of this wiki page for more information on the changed extension and converting your old session files.

Resetting a Session

To reset either the entire session or just the charts on the slides, click the Reset option in the TurningPoint ribbon menu, and select the option you'd like from the menu.

Starting a ResponseWare Session

In the TurningPoint ribbon menu, click on the ResponseWare button.

From there, you can fill in your credentials in the window and connect as usual.

Changes in Results Manager

To access Results Manager, you will need to have loaded your participant list and the related session data. Directions on how to do these are covered in previous sections of this wiki page.

  1. Go to the Manage tab on the TurningPoint dashboard.

  2. Select the participant list in the left-hand window that you'd like to work with.

  3. Click on the Results Manager button.

  4. From here, you can use the Results Manager software as before.

  5. When you're finished working, click on the Close button to exit.