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What is D2L?

Desire2Learn (more commonly known as D2L on campus) is an online course management system used widely by most instructors who want to make course materials available to students online.  D2L is also useful for conducting course activities, such as discussions, quizzes, and submitting written work – all online. D2L can be used for courses that are conducted face-to-face, hybrid/blended (partially online), and fully online formats. To access D2L, visit here.

If you have a campus D2L account, click on the  Image Removed using your campus Net-ID/Password.

If you have a guest account, click on the Image Removed.

On the right-hand side of the page, in the Quick Links box, click on Image Removed to make sure that your computer can effectively run D2L. The system check will tell you if you require additional or a later version of software to be able to run D2L.

How do I get started?

Submit a Request

To request a course, you must be the instructor in WINS. You will also need to know your NET-ID/password and know the name, catalog number and section number of the course. Once you have this information, visit D2L Course Request Page and submit your request.

Note: Students who have registered for your course in WINS will be automatically enrolled in your course (once the D2L course has been created). Courses are only created at the request of the instructor. Students new to the university may not be able to login to D2L if classes in their first semester are not using D2L. Student enrollment (and drops) are generated through WINS and cannot be changed by the instructor.

Load Course-Related Materials

Once your course is created, you may not add content to your course, such as handouts, documents, lecture notes, presentation files, audio or video media, image files, textbook publisher quiz/test banks, and more. It is a good idea to think about how you want to organize your course. Instructors often organize their course to match their syllabus or by each week or unit that the course is offered. Please contact the Learning Technology Center if you would like suggestions on how to best organize your course.

Create Course Materials

You may choose to create course content directly within D2L. In D2L, you can create or add news items, quizzes, surveys, detailed pages of text, graphics and video to complement your course. If you like to use content from an "old" course, please visit the Copy Components page.

D2L Starter Course

The D2L Starter Course allows instructors to copy useful templates and other resources into their course and then modify for their own use. In addition, many of the resources and template also help courses meet Quality Matters standards for online and blended courses. To access the Starter Course, please visit the How to Register for the D2L Starter Course page.

The below links are various tutorials related to the Desire2Learn service.  For more information about the service see: D2L-Instructors D2L-Students.

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