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What's New in D2L v10.3? Overview


D2L is scheduled for an upgrade to version 10.3. The upgrade outage will start on June 4th, 2014 at 9:30 PM and end on June 5th, 2014 at 10:30 AM (all times CT). During this timeframe, D2L will be inaccessible. Please read the topics below for more information on what's new in D2L. We also have a video that highlights these new changes, and you can view it below.

Note: As we continue to work towards the upgrade and its documentation, this page will be updated with additional information, such as screenshots, links to specific documentation, etc. 

Content tool


Content Map and Navigation


The Table of Contents now remembers the expanded or collapsed state of modules across sessions and includes option to Expand All or Collapse All modules with a single click.




New Discussion Structure/Hierarchy

In previous versions of D2L, the reading view of Discussions was a single list of all threads and all replies within a Discussion topic. With the upgrade, Discussions in version 10.3 separates the reading view into two new views: topic view and thread view.


This is great for situations where you are making use of group topics. Now the option only has to be set once at the forum-level, rather than on each individual topic.





Add/Edit Questions Moved

In previous versions of D2L, questions were added and edited in a quiz through the Layout/Questions tab. The options available on that tab, including the Add/Edit Questionsbutton, are now located on the first tab, Properties.


Previously, quiz submission views had a starting availability date and time that ended at a defined date and time. As a result, students submitting their quizzes at different times would have unequal access duration to the quiz's submission view. However, in version 10.3, when you want to create the same limited availability of the quiz submission view for all students, you can set a length of time in minutes the view is available in the Limited Duration area, and starting availability now begins at the time of an individual's submission.





Evaluate "Non-Submissions"

It is now possible to evaluate a student from a Dropbox folder even if no submission was made. This supports the cases in which an instructor wants to assign a student a comment and a grade after the due date has passed or the submission occurs outside of D2L.