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Exporting Courses from Desire2Learn

  1. Login to Desire2Learn (

  2. Open the course you'd like to export.
  3. Click on "Edit Course" on the blue navigation bar.
  4. Under "Site Resources", click on "Import / Export / Copy Components".

  5. Select "Export Components".

  6. Click the blue "Start" button.

  7. Check "Select All Components" at the top to export everything, or select individual components to export manually.
  8. Click the blue "Continue" button.
  9. Under "Additional Components to Export", make sure that "Include course files in the export package" box is checked.

  10. Click the blue "Continue" button.
  11. Wait for the export to finish.
  12. Click the blue "Finish" button.
  13. Click "Click here to download the export Zip package".
  14. Click the blue "Done" button.
  15. Navigate to the downloaded D2L export file and rename it to something that makes sense to you.
    1. Examples: "", "", etc...
  16. Your D2L course has been successfully exported.

Importing the D2L export Zip into Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Open the course you'd like to import into.
  3. Click on "Settings" at the bottom of the course navigation bar.
  4. Click on "Import Course Content" on the right-hand side of the page.
  5. Under the "Content Type" drop-down menu, select "D2L export .zip format".
  6. For the "Source", select the D2L export Zip package you downloaded earlier using the steps above.
  7. For "Content", select "All Content" to import everything, or "Select specific content" to pick and choose.
  8. Under "Options", checking the "Adjust events and due dates" box will open up the "Date adjustment" settings, allowing you to shift or remove any dates tied to your content.
  9. Click the red "Import" button.
  10. Under "Current Jobs", wait for the "Desire2Learn" job to finish and turn from "Running" to "Completed".
  11. If "Completed" shows as green, skip to step 16.
  12. If "Completed" shows as yellow, that means your import has some issues you need to correct.

    NOTE: The "issues" list will always be available for you to view, so there's no need to fix everything right away.
  13. Click on the "Issues" link to view them.
  14. Click on an issue to be brought to the page to fix them.

    NOTE: An issue will not disappear from the list once fixed.
  15. Once the issue is fixed, go back to the "Import Course Content" page under "Settings" to view and fix any other issues on the list.

  16. Your D2L course has been successfully imported into Canvas.