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In Canvas, the process of combined courses is called cross-listing.  When you cross-list a course, Canvas does not create a new course.  The course that you initiate the cross-listing process from, will become the primary combined course.

Before your get started ...

  • You must be an instructor in all courses that you wish to combine.  If you need to combine courses between multiple instructors, please contact Canvas Support.
  • Each section can only be cross-listed into a single course.  It is not possible to include the section into multiple courses.
  • Cross-List your course BEFORE adding content.  If you have already added content, Export your course first as a backup.

I already added content to my course.  Can I still merge them?

We would recommend that you first export the course contents from each of the two courses before doing the cross-listing.  Content will be retained in the Primary course, and you will lose access to anything added to the course that contains the other section.

Terms used below:

  • Cross-List: The process of combining two courses into a single course inside of Canvas.  If you are a Teacher in all courses, you can do this yourself.  Otherwise, please contact Canvas Support.
  • De-Cross-List: The process of removing the cross-listing from a course.  When a section is removed, it will return to its original course and allow you to once again view that course material.
  • Re-Cross-List: The process of moving an existing cross-listed course to a new cross-listing.
  • Primary Course: The existing canvas course that will become the combined course.
  • Child Course: The existing canvas course(s) that you wish to merge into the combined course.
  • Section: Contains the student enrollment information, and can be easily moved between courses.

  1. Navigate to the course that will serve as the primary course.

  2. Take note of the course ID from the URL.  For example URL 58099 in "" is the course ID. 

  3. Use the Courses menu to navigate to one of the child courses containing the sections you want to merge into the primary course.  

  4. In the left-hand course navigation, select Settings, and then click the Sections tab.

  5. (Optional) Create a New Section and add yourself to it.  This is needed to make sure you retain access to the course after it's cross-listed.

    1. In the "Add a New Section" field, enter the name for a section. 

    2. Click Add Section. The new entry will appear in the list of sections.

    3. In the course navigation, select People.

    4. Locate yourself in the course roster. On the far right, click the kabob icon (3 dots), and then select Edit Sections

    5. In the "Section Enrollments" dialog, begin to type the name of the section you created above. When the name of the section appears, select it. 

    6. Click Update to add yourself to the section.

    7. In the left-hand course navigation, select Settings, and then click the Sections tab.

  6. Click the title of the section you wish to merge (cross-list). Be sure to select the original section that follows the ID format 01-01794-ARTS MANAGEMENT PRACTICUM. 

  7. From the sidebar on the right, click Cross-List this Section
  8. Either type the name of the primary course or enter its course ID in the "Or Enter the Course's ID" field. Using the course ID will help ensure you are cross-listing the section to the correct Canvas course. If you enter the course ID be sure to either wait a second for Canvas to find the section and display it or hit the enter key.

  9. Click Cross-List This Section

  10. Canvas automatically moves you to the primary course and a message will appear at the top of your browser confirming your section was cross-listed.

  11. Repeat steps 3 - 10 for all sections what you wish to Cross-List into the primary course.