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There are two ways to view your discussions, either Grid View or Reading View.

In Reading View, clicking on a topic name will bring you to a list of threads within that particular topic. Here is where you will be able to post your messages and respond to other threads. Clicking on a thread will take you to the initial discussion response and all subsequent replies.

In Grid View, however, you will see all threads and replies in the same list. Clicking on a thread will bring it below in another window. You can read the message, choose to reply or edit the post. You can also click Next to read the next message or click above.

To change your default view, please see the post Setting your "Default View" for Discussions.   This changes the view that all discussions will appear in, but you also have the option to individually change each discussion area to your particular choice.

  1. Go to your D2L course and click on Discussions
  2. Find the discussion topic you want to change the viewing options for and click on the dropdown list next to the name.

  3. Click either View Topic in Grid View or View Topic in Reading View depending on your default settings.