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D2L is scheduled for an upgrade to version 10.7.0. The upgrade outage will start on June 14th, 2017 at 9:30 PM and end on June 15th, 2016 at 10:30 AM (all times CT). During this timeframe, D2L will be inaccessible. Please read the topics below for more information on what's new in D2L. We have also created a video that highlights these new changes.


New: Minibar Enhancements

Improvements have been made to the minibar to make navigation easier for screen readers.

Updated: WCAG AA Compliance

Most button colors in Desire2Learn are now 100% WCAG AA compliant.

Fix: Jaws / NVDA Screen Reader Improvements

Previously, Jaws and NVDA screen readers were unable to read content from iframes.  This has been resolved and now works as expected.


Supported and Unsupported Browsers

See the system requirements for the new supported browsers.


Previously, assignments with release conditions could not be accessed through an announcement quicklink on the first attempt.  This has been rectified and the quicklink will now appropriately respond to the release conditions.

Class Progress

Fix: Respondus LockDown Browser Quiz Feedback Error

Previously, if a quiz had its restrictions set to require Respondus LockDown Browser to view feedback and results, users would receive a generic authorization error when they tried to view the quiz attempt using the Class Progress tool.  Users will now be able to view as expected based on restrictions.


Fix: Full Screen option available for embedded videos

Embedded videos and content in D2L that has a "full screen" button will now work as expected.

Fix: Media Files Auto Play in Chrome or Firefox

Previously, if you added a media file to a content topic but did not select auto start, the file still began to play automatically if views in Chrome or Firefox.  This issue has now been resolved, and the file will only auto start if configured to do so.

Fix: Reconnecting Content Topics

Previously, an Internal Error appeared when attempting to reconnect a content topic to a file in "Manage Files" through the "Change File" option.  This has been corrected and you can now use the "Change File" option without any errors


New: Additional functionality for creating Group Discussions

When creating new Groups, the option is available to create Discussion Topics for each new Group. In this same place you can set up Group Lockers and Group Dropbox Folders.

When creating a new Discussion Topic, there is now a "Topic Type" option. This adds the ability to create a Group or Section topic that is available to everyone, but only allows students to see threads created by users in their same group or section.

New: Copy discussion thread replies

Users can now optionally select discussion thread replies when copying a discussion thread from one discussion topic to another.

New: Grading via rubric

Rubrics associated with discussion topics are now able to automatically populate to the Topic Score.  To use this feature, you must enter through Assess Topic and the Assessments tab to click directly on the name of the student.

New: Reading View Interface Changes

When viewing a discussion topic, the properties are no listed together, directly below the topic's name.  This includes the availability and locking information, along with other details set by the instructor.  The filter options are no display in a "Filter by" dropdown list above individual posts to allow sorting by unread, flagged, and unapproved posts.

New: Show forum description in child topics

The "Display forum description in topics" check box has been added in the "Edit forum details" page and it provides the option to display a discussion forum description within a discussion topic description.

New: Sum of post scores

Instructors are now given the option to calculate a single discussion grade by combining scores from multiple posts in the same thread.  By using the new option "Allow assessment of individual posts", the instructor can set up the grade to be calculated from the average of multiple posts, the sum of multiple posts, and more.

Fix: Published Post Unavailable in Grid View

Previously, when a discussion post was saved as a draft and then published while in grid view, the post became unavailable.  This issue has been resolved.

Fix: Table of contents correctly hides number of of hidden posts

Previously, the discussions table of contents displayed the number of hidden posts in the topics that had settings Users must start a thread before they can read and reply to other threads.  Now Discussions table of contents correctly hides the number of hidden posts.

Fix: Unread Discussions in Grid View Now Bold

The subject of unread discussion posts in Grid View will now appear in bold.

Know Issue: Student Group information not maintained in mobile view

Students participating in online discussions from a mobile device may not have their group information maintained while posting.  In these situations their post will not be properly restricted to their own group members, and that post will display "Deleted Group" as being the group that the post was made to.  At this time we recommend that students make discussion posts from non-mobile devices is possible. 


Updated: Turnitin / GradeMark

  • Dates are now correctly set in the Turnitin side to avoid the "Error communicating with Turnitin" error that some users saw previously.  When you create a new Dropbox folder without any date restrictions, the default due date is set to the course's end date.  If no course end date is set, the due date is set to six months later.
  • When you copy Turnitin-enabled folders into another course, you can now enable all folders at once as expected with the "Re-Enable" button.
  • Turnitin folders that are copied between courses are now correctly enabled and the settings remain the same as the previous course.

  • Previously, Turnitin integration was not properly setup if the "Instruction" field contained more than 100 characters.  Now, the field is truncated to 999 characters and Turnitin will be setup as expected.

  • Previously, when you created a Turnitin enabled Dropbox more than 7 days prior to the start date of a course and you used GradeMark, an error occurred.  Now, you can create a Turnitin-enabled Dropbox folder more than 7 days prior to the start date of a course and use GradeMark as expected.

Fix: Announcement Quicklink

Previously, assignments with release conditions could not be accessed through an announcement quicklink on the first attempt.  This has been rectified and the quicklink will now appropriately respond to the release conditions.

Fix: Days Late Calculation no longer inconsistent

When the difference between "Due Date" and "Submission Date" was less than 24 hours but equal to or greater than 23 hours and 20 minutes, then the time was rounded up to 24 hours and the submission was considered 1 day late.  The behavior was the same for any number of days greater than 1.  Now, when the assignment submission are late, the whole number of days determines how late they are and the number does not round up if it's close to being an additional day late.

Fix: Inactive users visible in completion summary

Previously when viewing the Completion Summary of an Dropbox folder linked to Content, users were able to see inactive users when groups/sections were selected.  Inactive users no longer appear.

Fix: Special Access Date Range Validation

The Dropbox tool now correctly validates date ranges prior to saving a special access condition.

Fix: Submit Quiz Button

An intermittent error preventing the Submit Quiz button to appear has been fixed.  The Submit Quiz button should now appear in all supported browsers.


Fix: Embedding from

Previously, links from were not trusted and could not be embedded successfully into ePortfolio reflection.  Links from are now trusted and may be embedded.

Fix: ePortfolio and ePortfolio Mobile display

Previously, ePortfolios with over 200 items would load inconsistently on the app for iOS.  Improvements have been made to synchronize functionality so collections display correctly.


New: Exempting students from grade items

Instructors can now mark grade items for individual students as Exempted. Doing so sets the grade item to count neither toward nor against the students grade, and shows "Exempt" in both the student and instructor gradebook. These exemptions can be done on a single grade item for multiple students or for multiple grade items for a single student.

Exempting multiple students from a single grade item:                                                                                                   Exempting a single student from multiple grade items:


New: Final Grade Audit Log

A new audit log has been added to the Grades tool, which will allow instructors to see view which user is responsible for any changes made to a user's Final Calculated Grade.

New: Group Information in Grade Exports

When exporting grades from the grade book, under User Details, there is a new option to include groups membership information for each user.  This allows for more detailed analysis of grade exports.

New: Transfer Final Calculate Grade to Final Adjusted Grade

Previously, when you clicked the "Transfer Final Calculated Grade to Final Adjusted Grade" button, the grade was not transferred for any value greater than 999.  Now, when you click the button the grade is transferred successfully for any value.

Fix: Empty Grades stored as Zero

On some pages, empty grades including the final calculate grade and the final adjusted grade are incorrectly stored as 0.  Now, if all grade items are blank, empty grades display as - / - and not as 0.

Fix: Final Grade release

Previously, if a grade book was set up to automatically release final grades, manually entered final adjusted grade information did not release.  Now manually entered grades releases by default.

Fix: Save and Close in a linked Discussion Topic refreshes the Enter Grades Page

Previously, clicking the Save and Close button when assessing a linked discussion topic would save grades, but not refresh the Enter Grades page.  The issue has been fixed so the Enter Grades page now refreshes to show the updated grades.


New: Automatic creation of Discussion topics

If the Groups tool was used to create discussion topics, adding a new group later will now create additional discussion topics automatically.

New: Descriptive naming for discussion topics

Discussion Topics created from within the Groups tool are created with the naming convention <group category name> - <group prefix># (such as Final Project - Group 2).

New: Single user Group

A new group category type called Single user, member-specific groups has been added.  This option allows for instructors to create single users groups for one-on-one discussion areas named for each student.

Fix: Group submission folder loophole fixed

Previously, if a user did not have permissions to create submission folders, but had access to the Groups tool the user could still create submission folders via the Groups tool.  Now when users are editing Groups, they are only able to create submission folders if they have the appropriate permissions in Dropbox.

Fix: Sorting of more than 9 groups

Previously, if more than 9 groups were created, the sorting of those groups was not in the expected order.  Improvements have been made in the way groups are sorted to be more natural.

HTML Editor  

Updated: Copy/Paste

Users can now copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document or HTML source and the content retains the look and feel of the source document.

Updated: Math Editor in HTML Editor

The HTML Editor tool now makes use of the updated Math Editor when instructors create quiz questions using the New Question Authoring experience. As a result, instructors can preview equations inline when creating quiz questions.

Updated: Tiny MCE and TinyMCE PowerPaste plugin

The versions of Tiny MCE and TinyMCE PowerPaste plugin used by the HTML editor have been updated.

Import/Export/Copy Components

Updated: eCollege and Moodle Converters 

Performance has been updated during conversion and formatting is now retained for imported Quiz questions that contain HTML.

Updated: Pearson eCollege package import improvements 

Improvements have been made to increase consistency between D2L Quizzes and eCollege Quizzes tools.  The conversion tool inputs Pearson eCollege Webliography links into a course's Link tool, and converts eCollege DocSharing data into Content.

Fix: Default Scoring Rubric

Previously, when you copied rubrics and dropbox folders using the Copy Course tool, the "Default Scoring Rubric" did not display the same value as the original course.  Now the "Default Scoring Rubric" is correctly copied over to the destination course.

Fix: Error Copying Courses with Deleted Dropbox Folders

Previously users might have received an error while copying dropbox folders if the course contained deleted dropboxes that were previously associated to a grade item.  Now, folders will copy as expected.

Fix: External Learning Tool Grade Associations

Previously, External Learning Tool (LTI) links may not have copied grade associations into the new course.  Now, when you individually select LTI links to copy to another course the grade associations appear as expected.

Intelligent Agent

New: Additional functionality and options

Multiple tool improvements have been made to Intelligent Agents

  • Scheduled Intelligent Agents no longer run if a course is not active.
  • Instructors can now have the option to "View History" on an Intelligent Agent to view the results of previous runs.
  • Existing agents without any condition attached to them no longer run and spam all users.  When an empty agent is triggered, it fails with an error and is automatically turned off.  This error info is available on the history page.
  • "Practice Run" and "Run Now" options can now be used without enabling an agent first.
  • Additional replacement strings have been added to the email composition.
  • There is no longer a 4000 character limit on email text from the agent.  This is now unlimited.
  • Intelligent Agent settings page now indicates what time of day scheduled agents will run.
  • Quicklinks added to email messages are no longer replaced with invalid links.
  • By going into the Settings Menu, Instructors can now change the perceived source of the emails, and provide an email address for emails to be sent to if a recipient hits the "Reply-To" button. Previously, emails were sent from D2L and replies could not be sent to the instructor.


New: Direct Export to Microsoft Excel

You can now export quiz and survey data using the "Export to Excel" button in the Quizzes and Surveys.  The excel format supports Unicode and accented characters.

New: Updated Quiz Question Authoring Experience

A visual redesign of the Quizzes tool to improve the usability of creating and editing Multiple Choice, True / False, Short Answer, and Long Answer questions.  Instructors are able to opt out of the new change individually.

Current lookNew look




New: Selected Quiz Answers Highlighted

For Multiple Choice, True/False and Multi-Select quiz questions he entire are of the selected answer(s) is now highlighted blue.  Other answers that the user hovers over will change to gray to indicate that clicking anywhere within the highlighted area will change the selected answer.

New: Special Access - Adjusting number of attempts for a single user

When setting Special Access on the restrictions tab of a quiz, instructors can now allow individual users a different number of attempts than the setting for the quiz.

Fix: Changing quiz questions per attempt error

Previously, instructors would previously encounter an error when trying to change the number of questions per quiz attempt.  Improvements have been made so that instructors do not receive an error when changing the number of questions per quiz attempt.

Fix: Missing Submit Quiz button

Previously, while using any browser other than Chrome, when you attempted to access a Quiz through Content, the Submit Quiz button may have been missing.  The Submit Quiz button should now be visible as expected.

Fix: Respondus LockDown Browser preventing Insert Stuff functionality

Previously, Long Answer questions in quizzes would occasionally not allow students to use the Insert Stuff button even when LockDown Browser was not required for the quiz.  Non-restricted quizzes should now allow the option of Insert Stuff in Long Answer quizzes.

User Management

Updated: User Progress renamed Class Progress

To improve language consistency, the User Progress tool is now called the Class Progress tool.  The term User Progress is now reserved for pages where an individual users progress is shown.

Fix: Simultaneous Access of User Progress

Previously, if multiple instructors were viewing user progress via the class list tole, it may have conflicted with other users simultaneously trying to view the same data.  This has been corrected, and multiple users can now access the user progress as expected.